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Qualified Forest Program (QFP)
The Qualified Forest Program (QFP) provides a property tax exemption for private landowners who actively manage their forests and woodlands for commercial harvest. The goal of the program is to fuel regional economies through timber harvest and individual tax savings. 
  • A maximum 18 mill reduction of school operating taxes on non-homestead property with the Qualified Forest School Tax Affidavit.

  • The Qualified Forest Taxable Value Affidvit prevents the “uncapping” of a property’s taxable value when a parcel currently enrolled in QFP changes ownership.

  • Parcels must be 20 acres or larger to qualify.

  • Parcels from 20-39 acres must be a least 80 percent stocked with forest capable of producing wood products.

  • Parcels from 40-640 acres must be at least 50 percent stocked with forest capable of producing wood products.

  • A forest management plan is required for the parcels being enrolled.

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FOrest Stewardship

What is Forest Stewardship?

"Forest stewardship is the wise management and use of our forest resources to ensure their health and productivity for years to come. Stewardship challenges us to look beyond our immediate personal needs and leave a living forest legacy for future generations. Stewardship is concerned with all components of the forest, living and nonliving. It involves the protection of biologically unique or important areas along with the responsible harvesting of trees for people's use, and it recognizes the role that forests play in the global environment."

-Penn State Extension

Why forest stewardship on private land?

By practicing good forest stewardship on your land your goals can be achieved through sustainable management. Sustainable management can fulfill property objectives while also ensuring resources for future generations and compatibility with other stakeholders (the forest, wildlife, clean air/water, etc.). There are many strategies currently being promoted in management that do not fit the bill of forest stewardship (high grading, hinge cutting, etc.). These practices often create short term results but are highly degrading in the long run.

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